Boating Access

This department is responsible for maintaining and improving boating access facilities throughout American Samoa.

Bulletin Board

Explore the bulletin board for the Boating Access Division, your source for updates, news, and important announcements.

Staff Members

Wesley Tuilefano_ Boating Access- Supervisior_

Wesley Tuilefano

Peter Cendrowski_ Boating Access- Security I

Peter Cendrowski

Security I
Tusitala Laga_ Boating Access- Security I

Tusitala Laga

Security I
John Anoai_ Boating Access- Security I

John Anoai

Security I
Tovine Leifi_ Boating Access- Technician I

Tovine Leifi

Technician I
Neemia Niupulusulu_ Boating Access- Technician I

Blazusky Tupuola

Technician I
Fiaalii Tafeamaalii_ Boating Access- Technician II

Fiaalii Tafeamaalii

Technician II